Riders will be seeded according to the distance they have entered into. Seeding info will be released on the Tuesday ahead of the race.

Number board collection from 05:45 AM at Northern Farm. Please head to collection from 60 minutes prior to your start, you will need your race number which will be provided in the week of the race. 

65km Mad Giants Gauntlet : START 06:30 AM

45km Trail Boss : START 07:40 AM

25km Sprint Champ : START 08:20 AM

65km route preview : – 

Total ascent : Around 820m ascent

Terrain : Majority single trail with shale and course district road

Water point : 29km

Start times from 06:30 am

Number collection at Northern Farm from 05:45 am

Seedings sent to you by Wednesday 2 March

GPS route sent by Wednesday 2 March

If you ordered and paid for merchandise, it will be available for collection after your ride

What to expect : – 

The 65km is a tough but rewarding route. Our advise is not to cash in your matches until after the water point at 33km. We say this because Rhenosterspruit is no joke, the roads are gravel and course shale at times with a fair amount of climbing, this adds a good 10% to your effort. Underestimate it and you will be in for a very long last 30km.

The 1st single trail starts just over 4km into the route, expect a tussle for position on your way there.  It is fast flowing and punchy through the single trail. 

Be sure to pack enough hydration to get you to 29km, there or there about depending on the device you use to measure (they differ greatly). The water point is at the top of what we call Neals Knob and from there you will be heading into the prize trails single trails the remainder with a feature piece of 15km of non stop single trail. This is where the race is won. The final stretch is district road, with one punchy climb leading you back to the finish. 

45km route preview : – 

Total ascent : Around 630m ascent

Terrain : A fair mix of single trail and district roads

Water point : 30km (give or take depending on which device you use)

Start times from 07:40 am

Number collection at Northern Farm from 06:30 am

Seedings sent to you by Wednesday 2 March

GPS route sent by Wednesday 2 March

If you ordered and paid for merchandise, it will be available for collection after your ride

What to expect : – 

The 45km is fast and furious through some incredibly beautiful landscape in the surrounding reserves of Northern Farm. Our tip to you is not to burn overdo it going out into Rhenosterspruit, there is a 4,1km climb which can come back to get you. The climb is not non-stop but we warn you that the work starts at 13km because of the terrain you are climbing. 

This race will be won and lost on the way back from Rhenosterspruit to Northern Farm. We do not see much changing once you get back into the farm single trails. The farm single trails are simply amazing, you riding them counterflow to ordinary riding. In our experience this is like riding somewhere you have never been and what a treat they are. 

The water point is around 30km, give or take. We say that because each device measure differently. It is worth a quick stop to top up before you move on. Be sure to carry enough hydration to make it to 30km. 

25km route preview : – 

Total ascent : Around 405m ascent 

Terrain : A fair mix of non technical single trail and district roads

Water point : 15km (give or take depending on which device you use)

Start times from 08:10 am

Number collection at Northern Farm from 07:10 am

Seedings sent to you by Wednesday 2 March

GPS route sent by Wednesday 2 March

If you ordered and paid for merchandise, it will be available for collection after your ride

What to expect : – 

Let’s have a little fun shall we… This is the fun ride. The 25km is a great introduction to races, we have blended non-technical single trail with a fair amount of district road. We feel that this is just the right amount of tough. How hard you push is directly proportionate to how hard the race is, ie. if you want to take it easy out there it won’t be a tough race but if you want to burn it, then you will feel it. 

The trails leave the farm for only 2km of district road and enters again. You will enter again at the water point which is at 15km into the ride, after this you will head into a beautiful series of single trail which will lead you back to the finish.

Route markings and route etiquette : –

Please take a careful read through this to avoid confusion and better understand how the route works. Golden rules of the route : –

– Do not cross the danger tape, seriously we see it happen everywhere. It is the striped tape, do not cross it. 

– Never play follow the leader. He or she may have missed a sign and if you follow them so will the person behind you. Trust your own judgement. 

– Do not leave a trail unless instructed to by a sign. 

– When you make a turn at a sign, we always put a marker within 10m of that sign to let you know you are on the right trail. If you are riding and not seeing signs, you are more than likely not on the trail. Turn back to the last time you saw a sign.

– We will warn you before a turn with another marker, it will be on the same side as the sign which in turn is the same direction you will be turning towards.

– Don’t expect a marshal at every corner. Marshals leave their posts, for whatever reason, this makes them unreliable. Trust the signs, the lead motorbikes would have checked them on their way out. 

– NEVER touch or move a directional arrow. You will be barred from all events if you do. 

– Please respect other riders on route, overtake when it is safe to do so and communicate your movements to the rider you are passing. Do not force yourself past them, simply ask riders for track. It is the passing riders responsibility to pass when it is safe. 

Seedings : –

We will make use of 2 methods to retrieve your seedings, we understand that the vast majority of the field taking part does not have a seeding relevant to the past 2 months as there have not been many races. All information pertaining to this will be released in the week of the race. 

What if you need to change your seeding? 

Not a problem, please email us race results that substantiate a change in seeding. If we do not receive the required evidence then we will not change your seeding. Please send the email to No seedings will be changed from 16:00 Thursday 03 March prior to the event. NO BATCH SWAPS PERMITTED.

Refunds, withdrawals, entry cancellations and substitutions

The following refund policy is agreed to by all riders when entering the event and applies to one and all : –

– Outside 45 days of the event : 50% refund

– 45 – 14 of the event : 25% refund

– Within 14 days of the event : 0% refund

No refunds will be issued for Covid 19 related withdrawals, the risk of such is for the registrants to manage. Furthermore, the company can not be held liable for any cancellations or postponements due to Government regulations, insurrection, force Majeure or Act of God or State.

Substitutions : –

Substitutions will be granted up until Tuesday the 1st of March 2022. There after no substitutions will be granted. Please note that it is illegal to race under proxy (as another rider), we do cannot provide any support to riders in case of an emergency if they choose to race under proxy. 

How to substitute : –

The rider taking your place must fill out an entry form the very same way you did, except when they reach the payment page they must simply close the page. Then you need to inform us via email that you are requesting a substitute. Please give us the name of yourself (the rider consenting the substitution) and the name of the rider taking your entry.  Please send to


Frequently asked questions

Please take a read through here, the answers to your questions have more than likely already been answered here. 

Substitutions, cancellations, deferrals and seeding : –

For all the information pertaining to these points, please click here.

What is the Covid-19 event policy? 

The Jackal Dash has already received a low risk categorization from SAPS as outdoor sports events have been considered low risk since September November 2021. We will be following CSA guidelines which have allowed for the operation of events in all the way into lockdown level 3. The event will be going ahead barring further adjustments to current regulations, should this happen your entries will remain secure and be deferred to the postponement dates of the event. Should we have to postpone, you will be notified about the new date with sufficient time to plan and train. For now, please stay safe and healthy. 

Do I have to have a GPS?

No, the routes are well marked. GPS does always help though and is recommended as signs can move but GPS cannot, we send the routes out in race week. 

Are E – Bikes permitted?

Yes, E – Bikes are permitted to this event. Just not within the top 3 batches. If you are for accidently seeded to the top 3 batches, please be so kind as to drop back to the 4th batch on your distance. 

Do I have to wear a mask when I ride?

No, you will only need to wear a mask to all public points including the start and straight after the finish. You will not be required to wear a mask while riding.

Are there water points on route?

Water points are single handedly the biggest Covid-19 risk factor with this event. We will have 1 water point for every 30km of riding.

It can get hot on this route, please make sure that in the very least you carry either 2 bottles of water on your bike or a 2L hydration pack. 

Can spectators join?

Under the current regulations, spectators are welcome, but there are no spectator points on route.

I saw some guy taking photos on route, why cant I see them that night?

That guy taking photos on route more than likely took several thousand of which only several hundred will be viable once edited. The editing takes the times, so hang in there, we will email you when the pics are ready. It will normally take about 5 days. 

What about the weather?

It may rain, the wind may blow, the sun may shine and your bike will handle all of it. The race goes ahead rain or shine. 

Is this race seeded?

That is correct, this is a seeded event and number boards will be provided. 

What are the age limits?

65km for 18 years and older. 45km for 15 years and older. 25km for 10 years and older.

Where is number board collection?

Number boards can be collected from Northern Farm on the morning of the race, all other items such as merchandise can be collected post ride. Early bird packs will be handed to you as you cross the line as part of the pack is a tasty little hydration treat. 

Can I bring my dog to ride with me? 

Unfortunately not, Northern Farm is actually 1st and foremost a nature reserve and then a working farm. NO DOGS ARE PERMITTED.

Can I substitute? 

This can be done right up until the Tuesday ahead of the ride, after that we cannot assist. 

Can I do a late entry?

Sadly not, we only do pre entries for this event. This means no entries on the day. Even if you know a guy who knows a guy. 

What if it rains?

Race day’s go ahead rain or shine, we cannot control the weather. By the time the event rolls around, it is already 100% paid for so we do all we can not to cancel. In the event of lightning and imminent danger to our riders, the event Safety Officer will make the call. The event organizing committee will then assess the option to try and rerun the event on another date. The Safety Officers call is final. When entering an event, you also accept the risks. 

Still have a question?

No problem, drop us an email.

Emergency contact 086 044 4044

In the event of an emergency, please do the following:-

– Call for an ambulance from Fourways life, they take 8 minutes to get to the farm

– Call our gate and inform them of the emergency, please look at the nearest trail sign and tell them what the name on it is. We will escort the ambulance to you directly

– Gate number 060 708 6384