ANNOUNCEMENT: – Please take a read through all the race day information by clicking on the green button below. Number board collection will be on the day from 05:30, please allow yourself enough time for Covid-19 screening, parking, number collection and the 6 minute ride to the start. We estimate a safe arrival will be around 45 minutes before your start time. 

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The Jackal Dash returns for it’s 5th installment in as many years on the 28th of March 2021. There is a big change to the 2021 edition in that the ride will now start at the beautiful Heron Bridge College and finish at Northern Farm.  The ride offers something for all fitness levels and is often used to either kick start the season or run a systems check ahead of the early stage racing season. The various trails feature Northern Farm, Hills and Dales and for the brave the indomitable Crocodile River Reserve. Read on for more on each ride…

This is the only race to feature trails from the surrounding farms and reserves.


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About the Jackal Dash

The Jackal Dash is run and organised by Northern Farm and it’s partners. This is the only race that features the surrounding farms and reserves of Hills and Dales and the Crocodile River reserve. If Northern Farm is considered relatively flat, then that would make the Crocodile River Reserve it’s evil stepsister as the area takes no prisoners.

The race features an incredible combination of fast flowing single trail along with district roads to for the big blade blasters out there.

Start :    Heron Bridge College

Finish :   Northern Farm

Date :   Postponed to the 28th of March 2021

Start times : Start times vary from 06:20am

Routes :   Full GPS and marked (GPS routes provided in the week of the event as most of the land is private)

* Timed and seeded event, boards will be provided

Number board collection : We will send you info about number board collection on Wednesday the 24th of March 2021

About the Start : – 

We ask that riders park at Northern Farm and roll down the hill along a private trail to Heron Bridge College just 3,6km away. We have a private road that we use, it is not the main road, we will send maps and further instructions to all riders. There will be coffee available at the Start from the Seattle Coffee at Heron Bridge.

Prize categories for the 2021 Jackal Dash : –

1st, 2nd, 3rd Male and Female in each race distance.

As the flagship event for the Jackal Dash, only the 65km winners will receive prize money for their respective achievements. In line with Covid-19 protocols enforced under the National State of Disaster, we regret to inform you that there will be no prize giving on the day of the race.


This event is 100% Covid-19 compliant, entries are limited for the safety of riders, families and friends. Please respect all social distancing best practice. All details will be sent out to athletes in the week of the event. 

Frequently asked questions

Please take a read through here, the answers to your questions have more than likely already been answered here. 

Substitutions, cancellations, deferrals and seeding : –

For all the information pertaining to these points, please click here.

Is it safe to ride to the Heron Bridge from Northern Farm?

It most certainly is, we will deploy additional security for your peace of mind. There is a single trail to the start from Northern Farm, simply head down to the tunnel and turn left before the tunnel, then follow our arrows.

What is the Covid-19 event policy? 

The Jackal Dash has already received a low risk categorization from SAPS as outdoor sports events have been considered low risk since September 2020. We will be following CSA guidelines which have allowed for the operation of events in all the way into lockdown level 3. The event will be going ahead barring further adjustments to current regulations, should this happen your entries will remain secure and be deferred to the postponement dates of the event. Should we have to postpone, you will be notified about the new date with sufficient time to plan and train. For now, please stay safe and healthy. We are all doing our best to operate under these times. 


The Jackal Dash has full approval to operate under level one restrictions on the 28th of March 2021. We are permitted outdoor gatherings of 250 pax in one place at  a time. Start batches will be arranged accordingly. Please note, that under current restrictions, SASREA (Events Act), is not allowing for spectators at events. We know this poses certain challenges to athletes and we do apologize. We have to abide by the rules given to us by SAPS and the city JOC. 

Do I have to have a GPS?

No, the routes are well marked. GPS does always help though, we send the routes out in race week. 

Are E – Bikes permitted?

Yes, E – Bikes are permitted to this event. Just not within the top 3 batches. If you are for accidently seeded to the top 3 batches, please be so kind as to drop back to the 4th batch on your distance. 

Do I have to wear a mask when I ride?

No, you will only need to wear a mask to all public points including the start and straight after the finish. You will not be required to wear a mask while riding.

Are there water points on route?

Water points are single handedly the biggest Covid-19 risk factor with this event. In light of this, we have had to reduce them and change the way they operate. This is in line with instructions given to us from our Covid-19 compliance officer. 

There will be 1 water point on the 65km and 45km routes, this will be at half way. 

There will be 0 water points on the 25km route. 

It can get hot on this route, please make sure that in the very least you carry either 2 bottles of water on your bike or a 2L hydration pack. 

Can spectators join?

Unfortunately not under Covid-19 regulation. Only riders will be permitted into the parking venue at Northern Farm, there are no spectator points on route.

I saw some guy taking photos on route, why cant I see them that night?

That guy taking photos on route more than likely took several thousand of which only several hundred will be viable once edited. The editing takes the times, so hang in there, we will email you when the pics are ready. It will normally take about 5 days. 

What about the weather?

It may rain, the wind may blow, the sun may shine and your bike will handle all of it. The race goes ahead rain or shine. 

Is this race seeded?

That is correct, this is a SAS seeded event and number boards will be provided. 

What are the age limits?

65km for 18 years and older. 45km for 15 years and older. 25km for 10 years and older.

Where is number board collection?

Number boards can be collected from Northern Farm on the morning of the race, this will open at 05:30. Please use your race board number as a reference to collect your board. If you ordered and qualified for one of the t-shirts, please could we ask that you collect it from Mellow Velo in Broadacres from 10:00 – 14:00 on Saturday the 27th of March. This will greatly assist us with managing the line on Sunday, if you cannot it is fine. You will still be able to collect your board at the farm, then your t-shirt after the ride. 

Can I bring my dog to ride with me? 

Unfortunately not, Northern Farm is actually 1st and foremost a nature reserve and then a working farm.

Still have a question?

No problem, drop us an email.

Emergency contact 086 044 4044

In the event of an emergency, please do the following:-

– Call for an ambulance from Fourways life, they take 8 minutes to get to the farm

– Call our gate and inform them of the emergency, please look at the nearest trail sign and tell them what the name on it is. We will escort the ambulance to you directly

– Gate number 060 708 6384