If you are taking part on the day of the event, here is what you need to know.

Lets get you ready to race! We cannot wait to see you at the Jackal Dash on the 28th of March 2021 at Northern Farm, please take a look through the points below to familiarize yourself with the process on race day. This will answer every question you may have about the event. We know that it seams really strict, but better you know everything before the time. An email will be going out to all registrants by the end of Wednesday the 24th of March 2021, the same information will be posted here and on social media. 

A note from the Race Director : Thank you for coming out and supporting live events again. Over the past year the industry has suffered, the entire landscape of organized events has changed and many events have succumbed to financial pressure, you will more than likely never see them again. The live events industry was the 1st to fall on the Covid-19 sword and will be the one of the last to stand again. Rest assured though, with your support, your drive to compete and your drive to grow we will be back in full force again in the future. Right now, the landscape that we operate in has changed somewhat and certain hospitality and operational sacrifices or compromises must be made in order for us to operate. Thank you for your understanding and support, we are sure you will have a great ride, Gavin Kearns. 

1. Covid-19 protocols

2. Substitutions

3. Where to park

4. Number board and t-shirt collection

5. What you get with your entry – To view your entry click here

6. Start times

7. Race photos

8. Results

9. Prize giving

10. Seedings – To view your seeding and start time click here

11. Changing of entry category

12. Start pens

13. Water points

14. Routes

15. Full terms and conditions agreement

1. Covid -19 protocols

The Jackal Dash is a Covid-19 compliant event and has been granted permission to take place with consent of Johannesburg EMS. In order to do so, we must meet certain criteria. These are outlined below, anybody found breaching these will in turn be considered to be putting others at risk and will in turn be asked to leave and not permitted to race : –

– NO SPECTATORS, security will be screening and checking at the entrance. Spectators will unfortunately be turned away.

– THE USE OF FACE MASKS AT ALL TIMES WHEN NOT RACING IS COMPULSORY, this includes inside batches and pens up until 30 seconds before your start times.


– NO ALCOHOL OR GATHERING POST EVENT, we do have food and coffee available but unfortunately we cannot host you for a couple of cold ones after your ride. 

2. Substitutions

Substitutions can be made up to the 23rd of March 2021. After that, we cannot substitute athletes as all rider details are 1st submitted to to seeding, then to our public liability insurance. You cannot ride under the name of another rider, the terms and conditions were agreed to by yourself and the organising party and in turn the event insurers. Should something happen to you on route, we cannot legally assist you. Thank you for your understanding in this regard. 

3. Where to park and getting to the start

Ample secure parking will be available at Northern Farm. Please follow parking instructions from the security officers on the day as we will be making use off all parking facilities. To get the start you will need to follow our single trail there. Simply follow the Terra Topia signs until you see our signs pointing to the start. 

PLEASE REMEMBER, NO SPECTATORS – The decision was not ours to make, but it is what we have to do to operate. Kindly respect this point for yourselves and other participants. A day will come when we can all stand together and celebrate our health again, but for now we need to protect all riders, their families and the local community and operate within the confines of the law. 

4. Number board and t shirt collection

Number boards can be collected from Northern Farm on the morning of the race, this will open at 05:30. Please use your race board number as a reference to collect your board. If you ordered and qualified for one of the t-shirts, please could we ask that you collect it from Mellow Velo in Broadacres from 10:00 – 14:00 on Saturday the 27th of March. This will greatly assist us with managing the line on Sunday, if you cannot it is fine. You will still be able to collect your board at the farm, then your t-shirt after the ride. 

5. What you get with your entry

At the Jackal Dash, we always do our best to give you more. The 1st 200 registrants qualified for free t-shirts, thereafter riders were able to purchase online. As a finisher you will also receive the following; finishers medal, free entry to Northern Farm in the future (will be sent via email 3 days after the race) & Bike Wash. This is considered part of a race pack, you will only physically need to collect your number board (which is sanitized) and t-shirt if you qualified for one. You will be able to see if you qualified on the participant seeding list to be published Wednesday afternoon. 

6. Start times

Please note, if you move batches or distances. You will be disqualified which will in turn affect your seeding. Start times are as follows : – 

65km from 06:20, 45km from 07:10, 25km from 07:50

You will be able to see your batches in the seeding list to be published Wednesday afternoon.

7. Race photos

Race pictures are being handled by the brilliant team at Action Photo, after the event a link will be posted on our site where you can search for your photo using your name or race number. We will also be sending out an email to you with a link to purchase.

8. Results

Race results will be live on the day of the event, please follow the link from our home page. 

9. Prize giving

We regret to inform you that there will be no formal prize giving on the day of the ride. 

10. Seedings

Your seeding info is being handled by SAS seeding, batching will be done according to that. This will be done on Wednesday the 24th of March 2021, you will have up until the 25th of March to change your seeding should you need to. All inquiries must be sent directly to SAS seeding. 

11. Changing of entry category

Any riders wishing to change their entry category will have until the 24th of March at 11:00am to do so. 

12. Start pens

There are 3 pens leading up to the start pen, please listen for your batch and race category. Our staff will be checking you into your pens, please do not jump groups this will result in immediate disqualification. 

13. Water points on route

Water points are single handedly the biggest Covid-19 risk factor with this event. In light of this, we have had to reduce them and change the way they operate. This is in line with instructions given to us from our Covid-19 compliance officer. 

There will be 1 water point on the 65km and 45km routes, this will be at half way. 

There will be 0 water points on the 25km route. 

It can get hot on this route, please make sure that in the very least you carry either 2 bottles of water on your bike or a 2L hydration pack. 

14. Routes

Please follow the link below to download the the routes, instructions on how to upload can be found by clicking here, please note that there is no need for GPX routes on the 25km race. 

To download the 65km or 45km route, please click here then download the route with the label applicable to your entry category.

Thank you for your understanding and support